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Concentrating on creating bespoke awe-inspiring images that are tailor made for my client’s, simply means no two images are alike. I work closely with my client and stylists to help plan the final look, hair, makeup and mood that will be translated into a final image that truly captures the essence of their story or product.


But it goes beyond that, I want to connect the person or product I’m photographing to the people who will eventually see the photograph.  Drawing the viewer into the image and really holding them there for a moment.  If I can do that, then I’ve made a step towards succeeding with the ideals behind my photography.


When forming a connection with the people I photograph, I look to use light to capture their mood and highlight the traits that make them unique.  This enables me to deliver images with impact, ensuring they stand out from the ordinary.


Please call to me today for a free consultation and let’s turn your ideas into a reality.


Having spent over 25yrs in the industry as a professional, here are my tips on keeping safe and choosing a reliable photographer.  


In an industry that is now mainly “Digital” it has unfortunately opened many avenues that attract all kinds of “Wannabees” purporting to be Professional photographers, who on Saturday buy a camera, Sunday create a Facebook/Instagram account and are professionals by Monday.




Do they have


1.     ABN (Australian Business Number)

2.     Public Liability Insurance $20 Million

3.     Police Clearance

4.     Working with Children Certificate (If Appropriate)

5.     A Website

6.     References

Martin Poole

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