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Finding Great Light

When turning up on location for an early morning shoot, its normally me on my own (Billy no mates) with a Coke Zero, a back seat full of gear and listening to Nova 96.9 and Ive normally also telephoned the model to make sure they're up and on the way too. LOL I'll get a smack for that....

I'll also make sure I know where the sun comes up and 9 times out of 10 I'll have my favourite spots where to shoot.

But when you don't know the venue, how do you find the right light?

Light is obviously low in the morning so start looking for

  1. Where light will hit surfaces and reflect.

  2. Where will static objects caste shadows that will enhance of ruin your picture.

  3. Where will beams of light shoot through. (Buildings, trees or branches)

  4. When and how long will the sun be in the position to create that shadow.

  5. Are there any textured surfaces to enhance depth and texture to the image.

Red Leaf beach at Double bay is where this image was taken and the sun comes up from behind the beach in December, which makes for great shots on the boardwalk, with shadows hitting the rails and space for your talent to lie down as in the shot above.

The texture of the wood and the cross shadows make for a great image and Belinda Roberts added a little too!

Belinda can be found on instagram @beldanceoff

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