Mixing ambient warm bulb with Flash in studio

I was recently involved in a conversation where I was asked if I knew how to mix ambient light with flash. I thought the best way to demonstrate and explain this was to practically show how the effect actually works in the studio, using minimal equipment with no soft boxes.

I do not intend to get all technical and speak about Triangle theory etc.. Just plain speak to get on with the job in hand and if you want to learn more then experiment yourself, its the only way to learn....

This experiment should take you approximately 1-2 hours

Assuming you have a dark sitting room, you will need two flashes and a ambient normal warm bulb 40W in a lamp shade. I used the following:

Table lamp

Godox AD600Pro


Canon 1DXMkii

85mm 1.4

Jack Daniels 1 Litre Bottle

Cut Glass Tumbler


Below is the final image edited in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom

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