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1. Basic Social Media Package: Includes content creation, scheduling, and posting on two social media platforms, with basic analytics and monthly reporting.

2. Advanced Social Media Package: Offers content creation, scheduling, and posting on multiple platforms, including strategic planning, audience engagement, advanced analytics, and monthly progress reports.

3. Custom Social Media Package: Tailored to specific needs, it offers a mix of content creation, social media management, advertising, influencer collaborations, and comprehensive analytics for targeted growth and increased brand visibility.

4. Social Media Consultation Package: Provides expert guidance on social media strategy, content optimization, platform selection, and audience targeting, empowering businesses to optimise their social media presence.

5. Social Media Audit Package: Offers an in-depth analysis of current social media efforts, identifying strengths, weaknesses, and growth opportunities, along with actionable recommendations for improvement.

Note: The above descriptions are concise and provide a brief overview of the social media packages. For more detailed information and customisation, it is recommended to provide additional context and specifications to potential clients.

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